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Touch Of Class Floor Cleaner

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Touch of Class Floor Cleaner is a unique, all-natural, floor cleaner specifically formulated to make the cleaning of timber floors simple and easy to do. Touch of Class Floor Cleaner cleans safely and effectively without detergents or chemicals. It is child, people, and pet friendly and is environmentally safe and non-polluting.

Touch of Class Floor Cleaner works best when allowed to do the job for you. Lightly spray apply to the floor, allow a short time for it to penetrate and work and most contaminants, even scuff marks and build-up in food preparation areas, can be simply and easily removed.

Touch of Class Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to make the cleaning of Timber, Bamboo, Engineered floors, Laminates and even Cork, simple and easy. Most floors can be simply cleaned with a light spray application of Floor Cleaner and a lightly dampened mop. This keeps the moisture level down, which is important on most modern floors, and makes the cleaning of floors quick and easy. Unlike other products, there is NO residue left to attract dirt again. Touch of Class Floor Cleaner is ‘free-rinsing’ leaving floors looking great.

  • Chemical-free all natural formula
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Free rinsing (no residue)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Minimal moisture
  • Easily removes scuff marks
  • People safe
  • Safe for crawling children
  • No odours and no fumes
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • Non allergenic
  • Great kitchen area cleaner